5 Neopian Plots Recapped In 5 Minutes

Jul 17, 2023

Neopets plots are the heart and soul of the game, often involving grand adventures unfurling right before your eyes. These captivating stories brim with twists and turns as you jump into all the action. Numerous plots have captivated and electrified Neopians throughout the years. And guess what? We've rounded up five iconic plots that will forever be etched in Neopian history.

Champions Of Meridell

Released in 2003, Champions of Meridell is an epic plot revolving around the war between Darigan and Meridell. It all begins when Lisha and her friends are having a grand time exploring some ruins. Out of the blue, poof! They are magically whisked away to the ancient land of Meridell. Before they could even blink, guards capture them, and as they are being led to the dungeons, monsters surprisingly attack King Skarl in an attempt to steal a powerful orb. The invading forces of the Darigan Citadel clash with the valiant troops of Meridell, engulfing the kingdom in a great battle.

Amidst the chaos, Lord Darigan successfully snatches the orb and uses it to transform himself into a fearsome demon. Realising the magnitude of the evil before them, the two armies fight fiercely against the common foe. With their combined might, they defeat Lord Darigan, and the orb splits into two—its power extinguished forever. As the smoke clears and the conflict ends, Meridell and the Darigan Citadel form a precarious truce that will soon be shattered.

Hannah And The Ice Caves

Few plots can rival the sheer action and gripping intensity of Hannah and the Ice Caves. The story revolves around a guild leader who discovers a note about a gem called the Heart of The Mountain that grants eternal life. The skilled thief Kanrik sets out to Terror Mountain and recruits Hannah, an Usul barmaid, but ultimately betrays her. However, Hannah survives and seeks revenge. Accompanied by Armin, she discovers the frozen Bori species and the Heart of the Mountain. Meanwhile, the thieves' actions have accidentally released the destructive Bringer of Night, causing chaos. Finding themselves in a tight spot, Hannah, Kanrik, and Armin work together to protect the Bori and the Heart. The Bringer is frozen and shattered, but Hannah falls victim to a deadly curse. Kanrik saves her with Taelia's help. Ultimately, Kanrik takes over the guild, and Hannah becomes a full-pledged adventurer.

The Altador Plot

The Altador Plot is an electrifying rollercoaster ride that had the entire Neopian community buzzing when it launched. The event starts with Tormund and Roberta discovering a portal to Altador, a kingdom where the citizens have no memory of their history. The curious pair decides to investigate and they soon come across the Book of Ages, which holds the tales of Altador's founders. Constellations guide them through the chapters, revealing heroic deeds and raising suspicions of a traitor.

Along their journey, they encounter magical clues and learn more about Atladorian heroes like the Darkest Faerie, who helped King Altador, the air faerie Psellia, the light faerie Siyana, and Florin, a farmer who sacrificed his crops to save the kingdom. With the assistance of Archivist Finneus, they begin to decipher the clues.

Eventually, they discover the final constellation, "The Hunter," which unveils the twelfth chapter about King Altador, one of the twelve founders of the kingdom. It is then that they unravel the dark truth: The Darkest Faerie tried to cast a memory spell eradicating Altadorian’s memories and rewriting them to claim herself as the true founder. At the last moment, the sorceress Jerdana cast a competing memory spell to thwart The Darkest Faerie’s plot, but in doing so eradicated her own memory of the event.

Using a spell from Room Six's spell book, Tormund, and Roberta break the enchantment, restoring everyone's memories and returning them to their senses. In hopes that the Darkest Faerie is banished for good, Jerdana offers a blessing to the determined visitors who made it all possible.

Faeries’ Ruin

Have you ever wondered why Faerieland is no longer floating in the sky? The Faeries' Ruin plot provides the answers to all your questions.

During the Faerie Festival, a terrible disaster befalls Faerieland as all the faeries are suddenly transformed into stone. A group of heroes quickly apprehends a thief named Hanso, who reveals that Hubrid Nox employed a mirrored artefact to cast the spell. Determined, they storm Hubrid Nox's castle in the Haunted Woods. As they confront Hubrid, Xandra, a mage among them, triggers a trap that separates the group. Hubrid manages to escape but encounters a doppelganger, who ultimately kills him.

With ominous clouds shrouding the land, the dire consequences of the Faeries' absence begin to permeate Neopia. Without the faeries' magic, Faerieland slowly descends from the sky. Xandra immediately casts her spell to reverse the petrifying magic. However, tragedy strikes! Her spell inadvertently turns most of the heroes to stone, revealing her true intention of ruling Neopia without the Faeries.

Luckily, Hanso defends himself using the stolen artefact. In an attempt to sacrifice himself, he plunges a sword through the heart of the stolen artefact, releasing it’s magic and petrifying both Xandra and himself. As Xandra's magic fades away, the heroes and Faeries are freed from their petrified state. Fyora, the ruler of Faerieland, restores Hanso to life and rewards him for his heroic act. Sadly, the statue of the Darkest Faeries mysteriously vanishes amidst the chaos.

Virtupets Space Station

Nothing is more historical than the Virtupets Plot, the first-ever plot that TNT produced - the one that started it all. It opens up with a mysterious space station carrying Dr. Frank Sloth and his Virtupets Adoption Agency, which appears and blocks Neopia's sun. This is followed by the strange disappearance of Neopets that were eventually found to be replaced by mutant versions of themselves. The Space Faerie decodes Sloth's plan to fire a deadly ray that will mutate all Neopets and take over Neopia, but is captured while trying to stop him.

Neopians are forced to adopt Grundos, an unknown species held captive by Sloth, to free the Space Faerie, yet the mad scientist remains undaunted and proceeds to enslave Neopia. Thanks to a massive combined effort, Neopians eventually rescues the Space Faerie, and she uses the ray to destroy the Space Station and defeat Sloth and his minions. Regrettably, it turns out that he survived and will cause more trouble in the future.

Wrapping Up

In a world filled with captivating Neopets plots, these five iconic stories have undoubtedly left a lasting mark on Neopian history. As we celebrate these remarkable tales, let's eagerly anticipate the future, hoping Neopets will continue delivering even more inspiring stories. Cheers to more adventures in the future!

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