Community Ambassador Program

What is a Neopets Community Ambassador?

After a comprehensive review of over 500 impressive applications, The Neopets Team has selected ten Neopians to serve in the first official cohort of Neopets Community Ambassadors.

Through direct communication with The Neopets Team, these Community Ambassadors will serve as advocates for the passionate Neopets fan base. With their diverse array of strengths, unique perspectives, and vast knowledge of the brand, the ambassadors are exceptionally positioned to not only represent their specific focus areas but also to champion the multifaceted needs of the entire Neopian community.


What Kind Of Responsibilities Do Community Ambassadors Have?

Neopets Community Ambassadors all bring different skills and perspectives to the table. Here are just some of the ways that Community Ambassadors may participate:

  • Direct communication with TNT to advocate for community concerns.
  • Monthly virtual meetings to discuss current initiatives and share feedback synchronously.
  • Insider access to future plans.
  • Crafting content (written, audio, images, etc.) that brings awareness to Neopets.
  • Ideating community campaigns, messaging, or engagement practices.
  • Publicising community events or in-game events.
  • Hosting contests, games, trivia, and community-centric events.
  • Working closely with the broader Neopian community to collect feedback and concerns.
  • Much more!
How Can I Submit Concerns or Ideas to Community Ambassadors?

Each of our Community Ambassadors has a different area of focus they represent. If you’d like to share feedback or ideas with a Community Ambassador, use the list of Current Ambassadors below to determine where you should be directing your messages. If the topic you’re reaching out about isn’t clearly related to one of the categories listed, reach out to the Community & General Concerns ambassador. You can use the links below to reach them by Neomail, or find them on the Neoboards.

How Do I Apply For The Neopets Community Ambassador Program?

We aren’t currently accepting applications for the program, but we plan to open applications again in early 2024.

Snowflake the Feepit

Current Ambassadors

Games & Site Events
While Neopets itself means many things to many different people, it is the Neopets community that is the glue which binds the brand together. As a Neopian since 2001, I can safely say that I have never been part of an online community that I have loved as much as I do the Neopets community. From the old days of Neoboards with glow fonts through to modern social media groups, I have witnessed the Neopets grow and flourish for over 20 years now. It is an immense privilege to be able to give something back to that community through the Community Ambassador Program, and represent their views to the people who make the Neopets magic in the first place!
Like so many Neopians I grew up playing Neopets, even sneaking on during school hours. Over the course of twenty (and some years), I'm grateful to have forged lifelong friendships. More than that, Neopets has been foundational to my sense of economics, game design, narrative and so much more. I am thrilled and humbled to be the ambassador to the Battledome community; already I've had the opportunity to deep dive into what makes the Neopets battle system unique and compelling. Additionally, I've been awestruck by the breadth of knowledge my fellow Ambassadors have demonstrated. Both the rich history of Neopia and myriad future possibilities are being explored by this team and TNT. It is an honour to work with them every day. With the help of BD experts and TNT, I am looking forward to great things to come. Let's make the most of it!
Community & General Concerns
After being introduced to Neopets as a kid, I have spent the past 20+ years enjoying all the wonders that the site and community has to offer. Perhaps the most important part of Neopets, in my humble opinion as a Community Ambassador, is the player base. I have met the most incredible people - members from every corner of the globe, who all enjoy the site and franchise in their own unique ways. Being an Ambassador gives me the opportunity to take the ideas and feedback from everyday players and ensure that the amazing Neopets team gets to see and hear them. As we enter the new and improved age of Neopets, I am so excited and grateful to be a part of the process, not only as a dedicated player myself, but also as a community representative. Together, I believe we are heading into the most promising years of Neopets yet and I can't wait to experience the journey with you all!

More Ambassador Profiles Coming Soon!

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