Dacardia Reimagined: Neopets Announces Upcoming Relaunch of Island Builders

Sep 1, 2023

Island Builders Relaunch Seeks Enthusiastic Neopians for Beta Testing

Calling all Neopians! We’re thrilled to announce that the Island Builders mobile game is gearing up for an epic relaunch! This relaunch isn't just a step forward; it's a giant leap towards delivering a gaming experience that's off the charts, but we need the Neopian community’s help to make this new version of Island Builders the best it can be.

Why a Relaunch?

This is no ordinary update. The changes we have in store are big—so big that a full relaunch of the game was the only sensible course of action. We’re talking exciting new features like minigames, new and expanded regions to explore, new characters with fresh stories to uncover, and SO much more!

“With this revamp, we wanted to make Island Builders an even better, immersive experience,” said Denise Su, Jr. Producer. “We want to expand on the work that we've done with the first version of the game. We are very excited to show all the amazing cinematics, new UI, and MINIGAMES that we are bringing to life with this upcoming relaunch.”

We want to bring you a game that not only captures the essence of Neopia but also delivers an immersive and intuitive gaming experience, so we're looking for Neopians to join us on this exciting journey as beta testers. We’re making this game for the Neopets community, so of course we want you to be a part of the process! Your honest feedback is our golden ticket to creating a game Neopians will love.

Applications are open now—help us shape the future of Dacardia in this exciting relaunch of Neopets Island Builders!

Beta Testing FAQ

What is beta testing? Beta testing is a crucial phase of game development where players are given early access to the game in exchange for honest, invaluable feedback. This process gives the player community a unique chance to get involved with the game creation process by sharing thoughts and ideas directly with the development team.

When will the beta testing phase begin and end? The beta testing phase will run from early October through late November.

How can I get involved? Apply to join the closed beta test by filling out our Google Form.

How many beta testers will be selected? We're aiming to select up to 5,000 beta testers, with early applicants receiving priority. Please note that this is a closed beta, and applications will close before the testing phase begins.

What is expected of beta testers? Beta testers will need to join our dedicated Discord server and provide honest feedback about their gaming experience. Selected applicants will receive more detailed instructions before the beta testing period begins.

Will game progress made in the beta carry over to the full release? All game progress made by testers during the beta period will be reset upon the game's full release.

Are there incentives for testers? Absolutely! All testers who complete the beta questline will be awarded a special in-game badge as a token of our gratitude once the game is officially launched, as well as chances to win NC throughout the beta.

Which operating systems are supported? We'll be testing on both iOS and Android platforms.

Can I make purchases during the beta? No, in-game purchases will not be available during the beta testing phase.

Will my game progress from the original Island Builders carry over? Progress made on the previous version of Island Builders will not carry over to the new release.

Will the original Island Builders game be available to play until the new one is released? Beginning September 1st, the original Island Builders game will be shut down to allow the development team to focus fully on fine-tuning all the exciting new features in store for the relaunch.

What languages will the beta support? The beta will be available in English. We plan to add more languages to the game at some point after the full release.

When will the new version of Island Builders be released? We're aiming for a full release of the new version of Island Builders in late 2023.

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