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Jul 2, 2024

Neopians, we're excited to introduce the latest updates to NeoPass! We sincerely apologise to all affected Neopians and we have heard your concerns about the issues with NeoPass. Thank you for your patience! 

We've upgraded our centralized user account system with new features to manage your accounts easier and provide better security. Enjoy a smoother gaming experience, peace of mind, and more flexibility with how you access the World of Neopia.

New Updates to NeoPass

Change Your Email

  • Users can now change their linked NeoPass email in the Settings page.
  • For account safety, email changes are limited to once every 365 days.

Link Your Google, Facebook, and Apple Accounts

  • Sign up with, log in with, and link your Google account.
  • Log in with your email or linked accounts, such as Facebook and Apple.

Unlink Your Accounts

  • You can unlink your Google, Facebook and Apple accounts from NeoPass anytime with no limitations.

Bug Fixes

  • Users who had issues migrating their Neopets account to NeoPass should find that their accounts have now been successfully migrated.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a NeoPass account could result in an invalid account. You can now remove the invalid account and try creating a new one.

Note: When migrating your account, you will be directed to a progress page if the process is still underway. You will also receive an email notification indicating whether the migration was successful.

We hope to improve your NeoPass experience with this extra layer of security and easier access to your account.

If you continue to experience issues migrating your Neopets account to NeoPass or encounter any login problems, please contact our customer service team for assistance here.

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