Neopets September Update

Sep 11, 2023

The September Scoop for Neopets!

Greetings, Neopians! Welcome to the September monthly update. August was a BIG month in Neopia, so read on for a recap as well as some sneak peeks at what you can expect for August.

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Top News

Nosy Neopians Live AMA with CEO Dominic Law

Wow, what a blast! Our first-ever Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with our new CEO Dominic Law, went down on Facebook Live this past Wednesday, September 6th, and it was a total hit! We want to give a massive shoutout to everyone who joined us.

This AMA was the first of many, with more to come down the road as our new leadership team continues to prioritize an ongoing, two-way conversation with our community. Your voices matter, and together, we're shaping the future of Neopets!

If you missed the live session, don't worry—the recording is available to watch on the official Neopets Facebook page. Be sure to check it out!

An Exclusive Giveaway…?!

That’s right, Neopians–we will be announcing the details of an exciting new merch giveaway soon! But what could it be, you ask? Be sure to keep an eye on our channels on September 13th to catch all the details.

Nosy Neopians Episode 7

After a bit of a delay, the seventh episode of Nosy Neopians is available now!  

Nosy Neopians is a YouTube series in which TNT members Willow and Ivy answer questions, interview TNT members, give insight into future Neopets updates, and provide all-around transparency between TNT and the Neopets community!

This month Willow and Ivy recapped San Diego Comic Con 2023, and were joined for a quick interview by Jennard, a huge Neopets fan who had a unique experience at SDCC 2023! Make sure you check it out and leave a comment letting us know what you think! 

Neopets Teams Up With Ruffle

Did you hear the news? We now have over 100 minigames available to play thanks to the integration of Ruffle—the ultimate flash emulator! Since our spectacular relaunch in late July, Kass Basher, Meerca Chase II, and Turmac Roll reign supreme as the top three most-played minigames on the site. 

While we’re thrilled to have so many games up and running again, we know there are some outstanding issues. Thanks to all who gave us a heads up about the problem with score submissions—we are currently looking into it and hope to find a resolution soon! In the meantime, we recommend this helpful tip: open Neopets again on a new browser tab and refresh before submitting your score. Thanks for your patience, Neopians!

Want to learn more? Check out our Ruffle FAQ.

Island Builders Relaunch Seeks Beta Testers

Calling all Neopians! We’re thrilled to announce that the Island Builders mobile game is gearing up for an epic relaunch! This relaunch isn't just a step forward; it's a giant leap towards delivering a gaming experience that's off the charts, but we need the Neopian community’s help to make this new version of Island Builders the best it can be. We want to bring you a game that not only captures the essence of Neopia but also delivers an immersive and intuitive gaming experience, so we're looking for Neopians to join us on this exciting journey as beta testers. To learn more, check out the full article.

Neopets in the News

August brought a whirlwind of excitement to Neopets, and the media couldn't get enough! We are so grateful for the flood of fantastic coverage related to the recent leadership change, return of classic flash games, and our partnership with G FUEL. Check out some highlights below!

Neopets is Finally in its Revival Era—Polygon

Neopets CEO Dishes on the Neopian Rennisance—CBR

It’s 2023 and Neopets Has Never Felt So Alive—Prima Games

These Neopets Energy Drinks from G FUEL are Powerful Potions—The Pop Insider

Stay calm, but Neopets brought back their classic flash games—Lifestyle Asia


The Annual Chocolate Ball

Got a sweet tooth? Well, you’re in luck! The Annual Chocolate Ball will take place later this month, so make sure you take a bite, um, we mean keep an eye out, for the new chocolatey releases that will be posted on the New Features page mid-September!

Faerie Festival 2023

Beginning on September 20th, two Faeries hand-picked by Queen Fyora will need your help cleaning up Neopia! You’ll be able to go on Faerie quests, donate excess items to help recycling efforts (in a way that just might remind you of another fan-favourite event), and experience a new story of old foes as it unfolds throughout the Festival!

Usukicon Recap

To go along with the recent release of a certain box office hit, last month we celebrated the Annual Usuki Doll Convention in Neopia! Make sure you check out some of our new Usuki Doll-themed releases, such as the new Usukicon Y25 Goodie Bag available in the Toy Shop, as well as the Usukicon Y25 Mystery Capsule and some re-released Usukicon items available in the NC Mall

Game Updates

Settings Page Update

It's finally here! We've recently updated our settings page to make your experience even better. Read all about it here, and make sure you check out the new Settings page, too! 

Trudy's Surprise Prize Pool Update

Exciting news! Trudy has updated her prize pool again! This time the prizes have a camping theme! Make sure you spin and check it out today! 

Daily Quests

Adventure awaits with the thrilling arrival of Daily Quests, making their debut in mid-September. This feature will serve as the ultimate guide for new users, helping them dive headfirst into the enchanting world of Neopia. For our seasoned adventurers, Daily Quests will soon become your go-to destination for even more daily rewards, offering a refreshing twist to your daily routine. Stay tuned as the countdown begins for a whole new way to embark on quests and earn incredible prizes!

NC Mall News

The NC Mall has been a happening place recently! Here’s the latest and greatest:

Mutant Grams (Double Release): What's spookier than one Mutant Gram? TWO Mutant Grams! The Sleepless Spyder Mutant Gram and the Daunting Doll Mutant Gram are BOTH available now in the NC Mall!

Kaia’s NC Prize Pool Update: Exciting news! Next time you complete a quest for Kaia, you could be awarded an item from her brand new prize pool! We're opening a new Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie ASAP!

September GBMC: Feel that chill in the air? Either the first day of fall is later this month, or the new Falling Faelie Foliage Gift Box Mystery Capsule has arrived today in the NC Mall! (Okay, or maybe it's both!)

COMING SOON: Retired Contacts Mystery Capsule 


COMING SOON: Fall Mystery Capsules

COMING SOON: Delina's Retired Crafts Mystery Capsule

Merch & Partnerships

Neopets Merch Shop

Fall is just around the corner! The temperatures may be cooling down but our merch deals are hot all year-round! Make sure you check out the Neopets Merch Shop today!

Neopets G FUEL Collection

The wildly popular Neopets G FUEL collection dropped online earlier this month and the response was incredible, with much of the line selling out faster than even the most seasoned restockers. But fear not, as this is just the beginning of our partnership with G FUEL. Check out the full article for all the exciting details!

Geekify Usukicon Swag Bag

Step into the whimsical world of Usukicon with the ultimate collector's dream: the official Usukicon Swag Bag, exclusively available for preorder through Geekify. Immerse yourself in delightful Usuki Doll merchandise, including a set of 8 enamel pins, a Magical Hair Usuki doll figurine, eye-catching stickers, and so much more! The best part: each swag bag comes with an exclusive in-game item code. This exciting collection of Usuki goodness is set to begin shipping in mid-October, so get your preorders in now!

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