Neopets Development Update: Classic Games Relaunched

Aug 16, 2023

Hey Neopians, we’re excited to announce that we have a new round of updates and plans ready to share with all of you! These updates are related to Beta V0.5.14, which was originally released on July 26th, 2023. Read on to see what’s in store for Neopia.

What’s New

  • So guess what? We've magically integrated Ruffle technology into Neopets! Now you can relive some of our Flash games from the past. Please see the Ruffle FAQ section for more information!
  • We've finally tackled the first part of the Tutorial Conversion. You know, because we really love holding your hand through every little step. Don't worry. There's more to come!
  • Brace yourselves for the shiny new Community Central Updates. We spruced it up to make it extra fancy and put the calendar back in! You're welcome!
  • Spotlights just got a whole lot better looking. We've given them a design update that'll make your eyes pop. Prepare to be dazzled.
  • The Inventory Update has arrived! We’ve given you a shiny new toolbar to navigate your spaces, and brand new toggle to unstack your items!
  • You asked for it, and we delivered. The Pet Central page has undergone a fabulous conversion. It's all shiny and new, ready to cater to your pet-loving needs.
  • We updated the NT Submissions Page rules with a brand new rule regarding collaborations. Because, you know, rules make the world go 'round. So get your submissions in order!
  • We've waved our magic wand and transformed the Neopia Globe Map. It's like a whole new world, or should we say, a whole new Neopia? Take a full spin and explore!

Ruffle FAQ

  • What is Ruffle?
    • Ruffle is an open-source Flash Player emulator that allows you to run and play Flash content in modern web browsers.
  • How does Ruffle work with Neopets games?
    • Neopets has introduced Ruffle, which replaces the Flash Player plugin. Ruffle takes over when you start playing a game on Neopets that was originally designed using Flash. It emulates Flash Player, allowing the game to work properly.
  • Do I need to download or install Ruffle to play Neopets games?
    • You don't need to download or install Ruffle separately, as it is already a part of the Neopets website. You can play Flash games directly on the site if the integration is active.
  • Will all Neopets games be compatible with Ruffle?
    • Although Ruffle is made to support many types of Flash content, some games might need to be fixed due to compatibility issues. The Ruffle team is improving the emulator to make more games run smoothly.
  • Can I access Neopets games with Ruffle on any browser?
    • For optimal performance of Ruffle, it is crucial to utilise a contemporary web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. Additionally, it's imperative to keep your browser updated to ensure maximum compatibility with Ruffle.
  • Is Ruffle compatible with mobile devices?
    • Ruffle is designed mainly for desktop and laptop browsers. Although it has been developed to be compatible with mobile devices, it may not run as smoothly as desktop platforms. The level of mobile support may vary depending on the specific device and browser being used.
  • Will there be any changes to the gameplay experience with Ruffle?
    • Ruffle aims to replicate the original Flash Player experience as closely as possible, so the gameplay experience should be similar to before Flash was deprecated. However, there might be some minor differences due to the emulation process.
  • Are there any known issues currently with the Neopets games using Ruffle?
    • We know that restarting the game using the in-game button won’t function properly. We will continue to add to this list if we find anything.
  • Does Neopets support Ruffle?
    • Neopets is now a diamond-level sponsor for the Ruffle project. This means we help fund the maintenance and improvement of the platform that makes it possible for all our players to enjoy their favourite Neopets games!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple occurrences of 403 errors reported by users throughout the site.
  • Resolved a glitch in the Battle Dome where the user's move set was sent to the opponent when selecting the "Fight" button.
  • Temporarily fixed an issue with Petpetpets not attaching properly when using the inventory refresh function.
  • Addressed a problem where wings could not be attached to 8bit bodies in the Wearable customization option.
  • Restored the back button missing from the closed state of the Tombola game.
  • Corrected a bug where clicking on a premium featured game would lead to a broken link.
  • Implemented a fix to prevent infinite neopoint gain through the exploitation of turning in maps (Forgotten Shore) if maps are found cheaply.
  • Investigated and followed up on treasure claiming reports for proper resolution.
  • Fixed logic issues in the Treasure Map map turn-in process, ensuring that owned maps are respected.
  • Optimised the status check for Trudy's daily to prevent 1-minute selects and system failure.
  • Resolved an issue related to the sending Gift Boxes.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Drackonack - Hungry" avatar was not being awarded when viewing the new inventory.
  • Adjusted the NC Archive wheel wedge placement to align correctly with the wheeled container.
  • Rectified the problem where the Spotlight Description and Category were not appearing for some user lookup entries.
  • Corrected the display issue of yesterday's team results image in the Altador Cup when viewed on iOS devices.
  • Added the missing link to Moltara in the world map, ensuring it is now accessible.
  • Fixed a bug in the NC Collector's case where items could not be clicked if the specific item was not present in the user's inventory.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from voting on previous categories in the Neopies NP 2023 when they had voted on the Final category.
  • Investigated and resolved the issue with multiple items in the Permanent Dyeworks 2023, ensuring they now appear on pets when equipped in customization.
  • Fixed the appearance and conversion of the Silver Candle Tree Foreground on pets in the customization window.
  • Corrected spacing and capitalization issues on "The Brain Tree" webpage.
  • Updated the AC Staff Tournament page to prevent users from using the UI Drop/Add player without selecting Change Team.
  • Fixed the redirection issue when leaving The Caves in Moltara, ensuring users are directed to Moltara City instead of the Explore page.
  • Resolved the redirection problem when leaving The Coffee Cave in Roo Island, directing users to Roo Island instead of the Explore page.
  • Fixed the search functionality to return results without adding a backslash in front of username underscores.
  • Fixed the input validation to prevent errors caused by typing too fast, ensuring accurate entry of numbers in the authenticator code text boxes.
  • Allowed movement of the Varia Plushie to the shop or gallery as intended.
  • Resolved the error message received when turning in certain treasure maps and receiving prizes.

What's Next

  • Settings Page Conversion
  • Faerie Festival
  • Advent Calendar
  • A New Plot

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