Wheels Of Neopia

Jul 17, 2023

Neopia’s many unique wheels stand out as iconic fixtures of chance and anticipation. These captivating whirls of chance offer Neopians a thrilling opportunity to test their luck and potentially win valuable prizes. From the Wheel of Excitement's heart-pounding spins to the Wheel of Knowledge's enlightening revelations, each holds its own unique and alluring surprises.

Wheel Of Excitement

The illustrious Wheel of Excitement is nestled in the enchanting Faerieland. For a mere 500 NP, you can let fate call the shots once every two hours. Each spin could result in 150 to 20k in cold, hard NP, full hit point restoration, or even a valuable magic item like the Strawberry Wocky Morphing Potion. Less lucky spins might do nothing at all, or they may result in a loss of health or HP, an unfortunate case of Chickaroo, or even a visit from the thieving Pant Devil.

Wheel Of Monotony

Best known for taking hours to stop spinning, the Tyrannian Plateau’s Wheel of Monotony sure does deliver on its promise! At only 150 NP per spin, trying your luck won’t set you back financially but it will cost you hours of patience as you wait for it to roll to a stop. When the wheel finally grinds to a halt, a stroke of luck may reveal prizes such as a coveted Tyrannian PetPet, a codestone, or even a valuable Tyrannian paintbrush. The less fortunate may suffer a dangerous visit to the Lair of the Beast or a trip to the mysterious Volcano.

Wheel Of Misfortune

Deep within The Haunted Woods among the eerie remnants of the Deserted Fairgrounds lies the Wheel of Misfortune. With a price of 500 Neopoints, this malevolent contraption beckons you to tempt fate as often as once every two hours. But beware, for this wheel often unleashes the most ominous of outcomes. Your beloved Neopet may fall ill, or the nefarious Pant Devil may pilfer an item from your prized inventory. Even the knowledge of a read book may be snatched away from your pet's memories. Yet, amidst these sinister slots are precious few glimmers of hope. A stroke of luck may reward you with a random spooky PetPet or an hauntingly delightful gift.

Wheel Of Extravagance

For the most affluent Neopians, the 100k NP spent to spin the Wheel of Extravagance is a mere drop in the bucket, but the steep price tag on the most opulent wheel in Neopia may not be worth it for others. Those lucky enough to be flush with NP can venture to Quasala once per day to try their luck. The NP rewards on this wheel leave much to be desired—only one slot grants you a return on your investment, with a miniscule 1 NP in gains. However, the more sought after prizes doled out include a random paint brush, an exclusive avatar, background, or stamp, stat boosts for your active Neopet, and a random r100 item.

Wheel Of Knowledge

In Brightvalue, scholarly Neopians can spin the Wheel of Knowledge once a day for 400 NP. This enigmatic wheel, located in Brightvale, beckons wisdom seekers with its tantalising offerings. Once per day for 500 Neopoints, you can take a spin and unlock the mysteries within. This wheel boasts a majority of positive and neutral outcomes. Your biggest risk here is a decrease in your active pet’s intelligence, but you could also be treated to a Brighvale job coupon, a random shield, book, or scroll. You might even receive a nugget of sage wisdom from King Hagen himself!

Wheel Of Mediocrity

Tyrannia’s Wheel of Mediocrity offers the strangely intriguing promise of a lacklustre outcome. For a modest price of 100 Neopoints, you can take a spin on this peculiar wheel once every 40 minutes. It's a bargain, but don't expect any extravagant rewards—the least mediocre of the prizes offered include 4000 NP or a Tyrannian PetPet, but your Neopets could also end up injured by a pterodactyl attack or a storm of fireballs.

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